My name is Jonn Holland. As a filmmaker, the majority of my work has been concentrated on perfecting my skills. An editing job here, a Telly Award winning video there and a passion for the still image. I've been a boom operator and written numerous scripts, which are in various stages of production and have made a couple of music videos. I also own a blog called where I critique films I have seen. My goal is to write, produce and direct films that are not only entertaining, but are stories that will touch your heart, spark your imagination and are filled with intrigue, passion and wonder. I also have an affinity for photography.
  • I call this “Date Night” it was done a few months ago as a study in theatrical lighting in photography

  • Pepsi Brings Out The Child In You from Jonathan Holland on Vimeo.

    This is an unofficial Pepsi commercial I did for a school project.

  • This is an idea I had for an unofficial Pepsi commercial where someone is willing to do anything for a Pepsi.

  • Fluorescent bulb

  • Mercury Vapor

  • Neon Light

  • Incandescent bulb

  • Sodium Vapor

  • Another color temperature test